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Sandy Street downs the Commonwealth ... Health report ... Hong Kong knees-up ... Eastman disaster ends in damages ... Painstaking magisterial appointment ... Florid epistle from Rod the God ... AG butts into the Palace Letters stand-off ... QC grief in Adelaide ... And more ... Theodora reports ... Read more ... 

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Hale Spiderwoman ... 11 out of 11 ... UK Supremes on a null and void prorogation ... Judicial review of the prerogative power of the crown ... Principle of parliamentary sovereignty ... Her Maj the cypher ... Welcome back Sir Edward Coke ... Procrustes explains ... Read more ... 

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Correspondence from lofty sources ... Waterstreet Down ... Slippery Pete on giving Tasmanian silks an Department riffles through the rubbish bins ... Read more ... 

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    "It's a sick personality type that wants to convince Australians that they are cruel, mean and heartless to refugees when in fact we are one of the most generous countries in the world for permanent resettlement. 

    Why in those circumstances does anyone imagine that running us down is a good message, especially for children." 

    Former immigration minister in the Howard government Amanda Vanstone. The Sydney Morning Herald, November 11, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … www.glj. 

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    I am woman - hear me roar ... At the Feminist Legal Clinic, Gudrun Willcocks meets Anna Kerr, a different kind of lawyer ... Matriarchy takes on the patriarchy ... Wages for wives ... Discrimination and motherhood ... A bandaid service at the Family Court ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Dance of the sugar plum fairy ... Anti-gay rant from barrister ... Upsetting bar election results ... The Page Boy to receive a good talking-to ... Bar's monopoly fees for readers ... Jarrod Bleijie is dancing rings around No Waves ... Bar Talk from Justinian's archive, November 2013 ... Read more ... 




    The small stuff of words

    Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas at their peak ... Pain and Glory reviewed by Miss Lumière ... Life, loves, memories, and loss ... An artist's reckoning of a life lived 

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    High Crimes and Misdemeanours

    Impeachment ... Congress ... SCOTUS ... the Constitution ... Confusion ... What levers will be pulled in the impeachment process ... Digging for evidence ... Supreme Court as "umpire" ... Precedents, Privilege and Power ... Shooting on Fifth Avenue ... Nathan Twibill investigates 

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    The Oligarchs

    Sydney Law School executive elections ... Hallowed ground ... Fat bank account ... Strange customs ... Perpetuation of the hierarchy ... The revolting masses ... Baby Liberal apparachic squeaks home against grandson of former High Court grandee ... Barely Legal reports from a shocked tally-room 

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    Taylor made

    Catch a falling star and put him in your pocket ... Bedrock freedoms ... The end of "fart-arsing" ... The "sensible centre-right" ... Breaking the mould for sex discrimination commissioners ... Theodora comments 

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    The Sackville commission: who should be sacked?

    Government won't back away from insensitive appointments to the Disability Royal Commission ... Stuart Robert and Ron Sackville in charge ... Two senior counsel assisting the commission have withdrawn ... Undercurrent of unhappiness ... Disabled children and education ... Stand by ... Nathan Twibill reports 

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    The subjunctive mood

    Wishing and hoping and praying ... Procrustes looks at the great subjunctive issue of the day - water, and the lack of it ... Morrison's mantras ... "I love a sunburnt country ..." ... On the road from Nyngan to Bourke ... The game is up for much of the rural sector ... Who came up with the idea of buying and selling water?  

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    Pensioner pay-day

    Disability pensioner who applied to be admitted to the Tasmanian jam roll ordered to pay costs ... Application for admission withdrawn ... Still, the objectors wanted their costs because they were acting in the "public interest" ... No evidence about how much work they did ... Applicant from out of town 

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    Quick Sandy

    Judge Street's findings in favour of Microsoft in an IP case overturned ... Blistering appeal judgment from the Federal Court ... Judgment in complex case given ex tempore by FCC judge ... Speculative inferences ... Liability for claims that were not made ... The missing pathway ... Go back, start again ... Janek Drevikovsky reports 

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    Barr, Barr, black sheep

    Impeachment ... Washington's cast of villains ... William Barr joined to Trump at the hip ... The politicisation of the Department of Justice ... The president's taxes ... His claims of immunity ... The odious consigliere Rudolph Giuliani ... 150 judicial appointments to do Republican Party bidding ... SCOTUS rallies to partisan causes ... Roger Fitch reports from a strife-torn nation  

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